The application form will remain open throughout the year.

Participants have the flexibility of joining the Diploma programme or standalone certificate programmes.

  • Successful completion of the four certificate programmes within two years leads to the award of the Diploma.
  • Successful completion of the individual certificate programmes leads to the award of a Certificate

Apply before the deadline mentioned for each certificate programme to be considered for the mentioned programme cycle.

Certificate Programmes

Programme Cycle

Last date to apply

Understanding Learning Disability

4 OCT 2021 - 4 DEC 2021

Application Closed

Learning Disability: Identification and Assessment

20 JAN 2022 - 12 MAR 2022

10 DEC 2021

Learning Disability: Teaching Methods and Strategies

21 APR 2022 - 11 JUN 2022

15 MAR 2022

Inclusive Education for Children with LD

21 JUL 2022 - 10 SEP 2022

27 JUN 2022